Boost In Tourism From Eased Visa Rules

An article from USA Today Travel covers an executive order that was put into effect on Thursday from President Obama calling for more relaxed Visa rules, and the reduction in the amount of time it takes for visitors from China and Brazil to get visas to visit the United States. President Obama also ordered that visitors from Taiwan be exempted from the visa process altogether, opening up travel from Taiwan completely. This will largely boost the amount of tourist the U.S. receives from foreign countries, and is a great way to create jobs for Americans.Obama also asked the secretaries of Commerce and Interior to develop a national tourism strategy that highlights national parks, and cultural and historical sites. He named a few states were he says eco-tourism and outdoor recreation are already important such as; Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming, but he failed to mention Hawaii which would most likely be the biggest benefactor between the opening of the visa process and a highlighted eco-tourism and outdoor recreation strategy. The nation’s tourism industry and businesses have been pushing for the change of some of these laws for years, because strict U.S. travel restrictions are costing businesses money and people jobs. Blein Rethmeier of the U.S. Travel Association told USA Today Travel “We’re really losing out on some huge economic benefit by not streamlining the process so that more people can visit our country. We must re-establish the U.S. as the premier destination for the world.” According to the USA Today Travel article if tourism was restored to pre-9/11 levels, 1.3 million jobs would be created and $860 billion in economic activity could be added by 2020.

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