Download these Hawaii Travel Apps for free!

Now that smartphones are an imperative component of our day to day lives, it should come as no surprise that smartphones will change the way we travel. For visitors planning an upcoming tour of Hawaii, there are now smartphone apps that will help guide you on your Hawaiian vacation. Below is a list of apps downloadable for your iPhone or Droid phone. Hawaii Aloha is an app that its creators describe as “similar to a playbook.” Written by locals that work in Hawaii’s tourism industry, the application features pictures of Hawaii, articles and even videos about Hawaii tours. This app can be downloaded for free. iHawaii.Aloha is another app that acts as a sampler guide for the Hawaiian Islands. Showcasing the most popular attractions in Hawaii, this application is perfect for travelers that like beautiful pictures. Just like Hawaii Aloha, iHawaii.Aloha is also free. Hawaii Activities is an app that touts itself on being perfect “for the unprepared Hawaii traveler.” With over 100 fun and exciting things to do on Oahu, this app is the only one that doesn’t include other islands in the Hawaiian chain. Even though this application is free, it is devoid of pictures like the other two Hawaii tour apps.

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