What Wildlife Will You See On A Hawaiian Snorkel Adventure?

If you have ever wondered what sorts of wildlife you would see along a Hawaiian snorkel adventure through Discover Hawaii Tours, then look no further because this is the tour guide for you. In this guide we will briefly detail the sorts of marine life you will encounter within the natural habitats of a snorkel adventure. There are so many different types that it would be impossible to list them all, but here are some of the most common:

1. Dolphins- If you are heading out on a dolphin excursions snorkel adventure, then you will no doubt come across a few of these magnificent creatures. Dolphins have lived in the Pacific waters of Hawaii as long as anyone can remember. Their presence has always been a welcomed one, as they are naturally friendly and playful creatures.

2. Sea Turtles- While snorkeling through the deep Hawaiian waters, you may come across a few of these marvelous creatures. Sea turtles are omnivorous, but are not generally aggressive towards humans. They tend to stick to the seaweed throughout most of their lives, but will occasionally come up to the surface for air. Tourists on a snorkel tour can swim alongside them and be a part of a truly once in a lifetime Hawaiian experience.

3. Manta Rays- Unlike their more aggressive cousins (Stingrays and Eagle rays) Manta rays do not have stingers. These plankton eaters can have a wingspan of over 20 feet, and can be found most famously along the Kohala Coast. They are not typically aggressive towards humans, and it is not uncommon for tourists to swim alongside them.

4. Humpback Whales- Thousands of these massive creatures migrate to the warm waters of Hawaii every year during the periods of November through March. Although it is not typically safe to swim near them, tourists along a snorkel or whale watching tour will likely see them from afar.

5. The Many Varieties of Fish- During any snorkel or Hawaiian ocean tour you will no doubt encounter an overwhelming variety of fish types. From Hawaii’s state fish the humuhumunukunukuapuaa to the bandit angel fish, the waters of Hawaii have it all.

All of these wonderful marine creatures and more can be found along the tours available through Dolphin Excursions Hawaii Inc and Discover Hawaii Tours.

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