3 Things You’ll Learn About Dolphins at Sea Life Park, Hawaii

A visit to Sea Life Park is a must if you’re in Hawaii. This park is fantastic and features amazing wildlife as well as some great educational material. While you’re there, don’t miss the Dolphin Cove Show. This show is both fun and educational. Your family will be amazed at what dolphins can do and you’ll also learn something about these magnificent animals. Here are three things about dolphins you may find out if you attend the show (but there’s so much more if you actually go for yourself!)

  1. There are almost forty species of dolphins. The smallest are called Maui Dolphins and are only about four feet long. Did you know that Orcas, or killer whales, are actually dolphins? While most people think of them as whales, there are actually six species of dolphin commonly mistaken for whales. That’s a big dolphin! A bottlenose dolphin is the most common species of dolphin and what you’re probably thinking of when we say dolphin (think of Flipper). These are the dolphins that will perform for you in the show!
  2. Why do dolphins swim alongside ships? Dolphins are known as playful animals, making them so much fun to watch at the Dolphin Cove Show. Even in the wild, they will leap out of the water or spy-hop, which is when they rise vertically from the water. They do so to better see their surroundings. Scientists believe they follow ships in order to conserve energy. They will swim alongside ships and synchronize their movements with one another—this is called bow-riding.
  3. What do dolphins eat? Dolphins are carnivores and hunt for fish. They live in social groups of anywhere from five to several hundred dolphins. They can use their echolocation to find prey and will hunt in groups. They surround a school of fish, trapping them and then they take turns swimming through the school to catch the fish. Dolphins will also follow seabirds, whales, and fishing boats to feed on the fish they discard or frighten into a frenzy.

Dolphins are very intelligent animals and they are actually mammals just like humans. Can you imagine living in the ocean off of Hawaii? After you see the Dolphin Cove Show, you’ll get to learn so much more about these amazing creatures. Enjoy your visit!


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