Doing Hawaii Vacations Like The Locals Do

Lots of people say “I wish I could live here” while visiting Hawaii. With these tips you can do as the locals do feel like you live here on Hawaii vacations.

Tip 1: Skip the shrimp trucks and go with ahi poke

While the smell of shrimp on the grill can hit your nose from down the street, locals like to eat well, more local. Grab some ahi poke (pronounced ahee pokey) on your way to the beach, and eat with your feet in the sand. To really feel like a local, use chopsticks!
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Tip 2: Get souvenirs from the Swap Meet

When locals have friends in from out of town and they want to get souvenirs to take home with them, the first place we take them is the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. Held on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the swap meet is the place to find almost anything and for a fraction of what the same thing would cost in Waikiki.
Check off two things on you Hawaii vacations “to do” list by visiting Pearl Harbor and shopping at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet afterwards!

Tip 3: Take a scenic island drive

Locals are lucky to live on an island with such beautiful coastal roadways. Take advantage of the incredible scenery found in Hawaii, like the famous Road To Hana highway on Maui, or Kamehameha Highway on Oahu.
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Tip 4: Go stargazing

The islands of Hawaii are just about the most isolated place on earth. With minimal urban sprawl, atmospheric scatter of light is almost not present. This makes the Hawaiian night sky excellent for viewing stars. Head out of Waikiki and Honolulu to Oahu’s rocky south shore near Sandy Beach and count hoku (stars) in the sky. On calm nights, you can even see the lights of Maui! Hopefully these local things to do help you feel like you live here while enjoying Hawaii vacations. As we say here, “Lucky you live Hawaii” and hopefully you can feel the same way! Alooooha!

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