Discover the Beautiful Banyan Trees Hawaii Is Known For

The Hawaiian Islands offer no shortage of stunning and even otherworldly sights, but for many people, the unique banyan trees Hawaii is home to remain a favorite. When you tour the Islands with Discover Hawaii Tours, it will be virtually impossible to miss these trees. Like many visitors who are new to the Islands, you may wonder, why do so many people love these trees, and where do the most impressive ones grow?

What Are Banyan Trees?

Banyans are fig trees with aerial prop roots, which descend from branches to the ground to serve as secondary trunks. This gives the trees an entirely unique appearance. These trees offer shade and protection against drizzle, which made them a historically popular site for gatherings.

The banyan tree originated in India, though trees native to other areas are also classified as banyans today. Indian banyan trees require high levels of moisture and can be damaged by frost. Since banyans are so well-suited to Hawaii’s climate, wild ones can be seen all over the Islands.

Famous Hawaiian Banyans

There are a few particular banyan trees Hawaii visitors won’t want to miss. The largest banyan is located on Maui, in front of the Lahaina Courthouse. This tree was planted in 1873, and it now towers over 60 feet tall and covers over two-thirds of an acre. The tree offers an incredible photo opportunity, and on weekends, it provides a setting for art shows.

We also recommend that visitors see the banyan trees along Banyan Tree Drive near Hilo. This drive is an excellent place to walk, jog, or bike. It also should appeal to people who enjoy trivia, since celebrities, politicians, religious leaders, and notable Hawaiian locals planted most of these trees. Past planters include Amelia Earhart, Franklin Roosevelt, and Louis Armstrong.

See All of Hawaii’s Beauty

The banyan trees Hawaii supports often make a lasting impression on visitors; we’ve even heard travelers label them as a favorite sight. During your adventure with Discover Hawaii Tours, we’ll make sure you see countless trees, along with dozens of other unforgettable and unique features of the Islands. To reserve a spot on one of our tours, please call us today at 808-670-3743.


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