Discover Paradise On The Hana Highway

Sojourning Maui’s Hana Highway is possibly the best way to experience Hawaii outside the hotels of Waikiki. Here are some of the spectacular things you can see on the road to “The Heart of Old Hawaii.”

Finding paradise on the Hana Highway

Often described as one of the best drives in the country, the Hana Highway carves its way along the pristine coastline of Maui’s undeveloped southeast coast. Over 600 curves and 50 one-lane bridges comprise this idyllic coastal road which passes some of Hawaii’s best landscapes. Beautiful black sand beaches with the deepest azure water, breathtaking waterfalls crashing into shimmering ponds, and unspoiled tropical rainforest surround you on a voyage you will never forget!
See the spectacular Wailua Falls and Puohokamoa Falls, which are some of the biggest waterfalls on the island! Take a dip in the refreshing blue waters of Waianapanapa State Beach and feel its crisp black sand between your toes.
Around the southern slopes of Haleakala the landscape begins to transform. Rolling hills and charming thickets of rainbow eucalyptus trees greet you on the way to Ulupalakua Ranch. Home to Maui’s only winery, Tedeschi Vineyards specializes in delicious fruit wines like their pineapple dessert wine.

Join us on the Hana Highway

We LOVE to drive on the Hana Highway. The best part about joining us is you won’t have to drive! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery from our luxurious mini-coaches. Share all the amazing things you see without having to be left out because of having to focus on the road. We would also like to share with you all of our favorite places and the stories behind them along the way. Our friendly guides love learning about Hawaii and want you to as much as they do. The secrets they share will really add a special touch to your stay, and learning about the places as you see them is an experience your rental car can’t give you… But we would love to!
Not only that, our guides expertly navigate the road so there won’t be the added stress of getting lost. We know which spots are the best to stop at, so you won’t have to worry about if you missed the best waterfalls along the way. So if you are staying in Waikiki and want to see all the beauty the Hana Highway has to offer, start island hopping and get over to Maui on our Hana Highway tour from Oahu! Island hopping is a great way to take your vacation to the next level, check out this recent blog post.


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