Discover Hawaii with Disney

Come to the islands on a magical cruise ship and Discover Hawaii with Disney! Disney Cruise Line just announced its newest port-of-call, Hawaii. The Disney Wonder docked in Honolulu harbor today for the first time. The ship left Los Angeles on a 14-day voyage that visits the Big Island (Hawaii), Maui, Kauai and Oahu. This inaugural journey was celebrated with the Ship’s Captain delivering gifts to  Hawaii’s leaders including Governer Neil Abercrombie and Mayor Peter Carlisle. Hawaii’s leaders welcomed the Ship and encouraged Disney to return to their shores regularly. This was a trial cruise to test the overall interest in this new itinerary. Disney currently has only one other Hawaii cruise scheduled for 2012 but is considering increasing the availability depending on popularity.
The ship stops in each island long enough to take a day exploration tour. Discover Hawaii Tours offers a variety of adventures on each island that allow you to make the most of each day. Here are some Hawaii tips on how to maximize your Hawaiian vacation with Disney. Cruising is an ever-growing travel preference for its convenience and price. Your hotel goes with you to each new destination and your meals and entertainment are included. With Disney, you get broadway-quality productions almost every night. You can choose to lounge at the pools or bars while the children have their own activities going on all day. Parents can leave their children for a short while or the whole day, Disney is very proactive about keeping them happy and entertained. Disney cruises are not just for kids, according to Disney Cruise Line 20% of its guests do not bring children. There is plenty of activities and entertainment for adults only. The world-class traveling experience of Disney Cruise Line is well-matched with the world-class destination of Hawaii for an unforgettable vacation. If you’re going to cruise with Disney to Hawaii book with Discover Hawaii Tours to Discover a little Hawaiian magic.

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