Discover Hawaii Tours’ Best Hawaii Tips

You asked for them, you are going to get them! Here are our very best Hawaii tips for visiting the Aloha Islands and having the best vacation of your life!

1. Be Prepared for the flight.

Bring a book, some pretzels… But seriously, the flight to Hawaii from the rest of the United States takes a significant amount of time. In the air you are looking at between nine and eleven hours. The variation depends on a few things, most notably which island you are traveling to and the speed at which planes are able to land. Be aware that when you look at your flight times they may only look like 4, 5, or 6 hour trips. In fact there are a number of time zones between the rest of the United States and Hawaii (4 between the Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone and US Central Timezone).  A book, some games, and a blanket to take a nap under are essential. You don’t want to arrive miserable!

2. More flights?

Inter Island tours are an awesome way to see more of the island and Discover Hawaii Tours has a number of really great options and Hawaii Vacation Deals for you! Visiting Maui?  Why not take a Day to see Oahu or Big Island? It’s affordable and gives you access to the best of every island without having to change resorts.

3. Touring is a great way to avoid renting a car.

The Hawaiian Islands are bigger than people expect. To see every sight on an island, or even in a city, Big Island Vacation Rentals or an Oahu Hawaii Vacation Rental car can be a huge help and an affordable touring option that many visitors take advantage of. Of course, for your Hawaii Vacation you might want to leave the driving to a professional and trust Discover Hawaii Tours to shuttle you around to the sights of your choosing. Van tours to the Hana Highway, Honolulu, and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park give you the ability to get around just as easily, and also to focus on the adventure, not the driving. You can pay more attention while worrying less about what’s around you, and your drivers will never get lost!

4. These sights aren’t tourist traps

They are really, truly, the best and most beautiful places on Hawaii and we are extremely proud to show them off. Call Discover Hawaii Tours at 808 690-9054 to take a look at the offerings and reserve your seats before they are gone. 

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