Discover Hawaii Gifts and Souvenirs Online

We are very excited to announce that we have recently opened our new online gift shop through Discover Hawaii Tours making your gifts and souvenirs from Hawaii accessible online, and avoiding over packed suitcases and the possibility of the airlines mishandling your bags and potentially causing harm to your vacation souvenirs. This represents the first time in the state of Hawaii that visitors will be able to purchase their tours and souvenirs on one easy to use site. Great gifts conveniently ship directly to your home and enable visitors to bring back those unique Hawaiian gifts, and save the hassle of fitting valuables into already full bags for the flight home. Items in our gift shop range from exotic scented bath and body products to chocolate covered macadamia nuts. We even have special sections dedicated to Christmas items, gender specific items, gift baskets and home furnishings. The concept of purchasing gifts and souvenirs online is especially relevant in today’s climate of excessive airline fees for overweight luggage or extra bags checked.

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