3 Affordable Tours with Authentic Hawaiian Luaus


Hawaii is known for its luaus, so you can’t visit Hawaii without experiencing an authentic Hawaiian Luau! Attending a luau is the perfect opportunity to intimately experience Hawaiian culture and learn about Hawaiian history. At Discover Hawaii Tours, you’re covered. There are numerous tour package options which give you a front-row seat to a genuine Hawaiian luau. Discover Hawaii Tours is proud to offer a number of especially affordable options for luau tours to fit the budget of any traveler.

  • Polynesian Cultural Center – Ambassador Ali’I Luau

This affordable family option offers more than just a luau. With the Polynesian Cultural Center Ambassador Ali’I Luau, you will first spend the day learning about the different island cultures among all the Hawaiian Islands. You will be guided by an expert tour guide to Polynesian villages where you can explore and learn. Afterward, you will be treated to a traditional Hawaiian luau complete with dinner and a show! The amazing show presented to you and your family at the Polynesian Cultural Center tells the saga of Mana and his son Lani.

  • Chief Sielu Luau: Standard Luau

For the most economical choice for the family, the Chief Sielu Luau: Standard Luau Tour from Discover Hawaii Tour may be the right option for you. You will be treated to an amazing show from Chief Sielu who has appeared with his amazing fire knife dancing on shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show and David Letterman. Chief Sielu has brought his performance to Seal Life Park to present an authentic Hawaiian luau to you, your family, and all the other island visitors.

    • The Big Kahuna Luau – Traditional Package.

 For a romantic evening, an escape from the ordinary, or a lasting family memory, the Big Kahuna Luau is truly paradise found… High above Honolulu’s glittering lights and Diamond Head, is the venue of The Big Kahuna Luau. Held at the exclusive Honolulu Ridge Estate, this luau is a celebration of the islands unlike any other. You’ll enjoy chef-prepared appetizers and a signature Mai Tai while strolling the beautiful historic grounds overlooking the city. As the sun sets, our award winning dancers take to the stage. Limited seating assures every table has an awesome view of the show. With breathtaking performances, top-rated cuisine, and views beyond compare, look no further than the Big Kahuna for an extraordinary luau experience.

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