Dining Tips For Hawaii Vacations

One thing everyone has to do on vacation is eat. In fact many people look forward to trying new restaurants and cuisine while traveling. Here are a few dining tips for Hawaii vacations. Bon Appetit!

Hawaii vacations dining tips

Hawaii is a cultural melting pot. Different cultures and flavors from around the world fuse together here to make some of the most delicious dishes in the Pacific. Here’s some tips for enjoying them!

Try something new

There are lots of restaurants in Waikiki to go to while on Hawaii vacations but some of them you may be able to go to back home. If you already have a Cheesecake Factory or a Yardhouse where you live, try something new and experience fine dining at a local restaurant.
Restaurants like Roy’s Restaurant and Indigo Restaurant and Bar in Honolulu are great places to try some dishes you may be familiar with but have a tropical twist!

Eat like a local

Some say the best way to experience a culture is to eat as they do, and that could be no more true than in Hawaii. One dish that is a staple of the islands that is a must try for Hawaii vacations is a Loco Moco.
Traditionally, a Loco Moco is a bed of rice, with a hamburger patty and gravy and topped off with a fried egg. This one here is served with some fresh greens as well. These make a great breakfast to charge up for a big day, or a filling lunch. Watch out for food comas though, they’re killer!

Hawaii is seafood heaven

As an island, Hawaii is heaven for those who love seafood. A diversity of treats from the deep are to be had, but none is more popular than Ahi Poke (ahee-pokey). Raw yellowfin tuna in a soy or teriyaki sauce with onions and green onions is one of the few foods I crave, and just one taste will have you convinced too!

Sample the sweet side of paradise

What makes trying new foods even better? Trying a new dessert! One of the most popular sweets is a Malasads. The “Hawaiian doughnut” is a fried dough ball rolled in sugar and sometimes made with a delicious filling. Stop by Leonard’s Bakery on Kapahulu St. just outside Waikiki Beach for the best ones in town!
Want to see more popular Hawaiian foods? Our Hawaiian foods and fruits board on Pinterest will wet your appetite! Aloooha!

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