New Section of Diamond Head Trail Will Reduce Delays

Diamond Head stands tall along the southern coast of Oahu. Overlooking Waikiki, the exterior crater walls look magnificent in the bright Hawaiian sun.  The imposing peak is one of the most recognizable landmarks on Oahu, and maybe even the state. If you’ve ever climbed to the summit of this National Park, you know it’s a long, steep climb. At its busiest time some 4,000 people per day enter the park, and this can cause for some serious delays and congestion along the trail, but hopefully not for much longer.

About the Upgrades

The upgrades to the Diamond Head trail are in their final stages. For now, the trail will be closed at 2:00pm from October 20-November 7.  The new section of stairs has been completed, and during the upcoming trail closures contractors will be working to widen a section of the old stairway. Currently the stairs are about 18 inches wide, and the steep staircase will be widened to 30 inches. The new section of trail can be found after the bunkers at the summit of Diamond Head, and will lead hikers down a new set of stairs that will join the old trail below the first set of older stairs. This new route is intended to alleviate two-way traffic on the final ascent to the summit of Diamond Head, and provide safer and possibly faster hike times.The improvements to Diamond Head National Park were much needed, and will surely make the trail a little more accessible to many visitors, as well as locals. Providing a much safer path to the summit of Diamond Head is just one of the many benefits that the trail improvements will bring. Check out Diamond Head National Park Trail if you’ve never been. You will be in for some of the most spectacular views of the Southern Shore and especially Waikiki.

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