Day Trips From Oahu: Getting The Complete Vacation Experience

How can you have the most complete Hawaii vacation experience? By visiting more than one island! Day trips from Oahu are a great way to see more of Hawaii’s wonders and escape the bustle of Waikiki. Waikiki offers fabulous shopping, white sandy beaches,fine dining restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife, which are all part of Hawaii; but they don’t define it. Hawaii has so much more to see than Waikiki! Here is a look at island hopping possibilities of day trips from Oahu.

Day trips from Oahu: Visiting the road to Hana on Maui

Maui has been one of the world’s favorite destinations for many years. The most prized gem of the island is the road to Hana. Known as the “Heart of Old Hawaii” this rustic town on Maui’s undeveloped east coast is far removed from the hotels of Lahaina and Ka’anapali. The road to Hana is one of the most scenic drives this country has to offer. With over 600 curves and 50 one-lane bridges, the winding road hugging the steep coastline has some of the most photogenic landscape in all the islands.
While renting a car does allow you freedom, the trade-off is having to focus on the driving instead of all the incredible sites along the way. Taking a tour of the road to Hana is much more relaxing and best way to take in your surroundings. Lush tropical rainforests, breathtaking waterfalls, and the majestic countryside of Maui are just some of the things you will see on this amazing journey. Check out all the amazing things you’ll see on an unforgettable trip to Hana.

Day trips from Oahu: Visiting Hawaii’s Volcanoes

Home to the most active volcano on the planet, Mount Kilauea, the Big Island of Hawaii has treasures unlike anywhere else you can find. Fly to the sleepy town of Hilo, on the Big Island’s east coast and see the sites of Hawaii’s oldest “hidden hideaway” before heading to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The abundance of geologic wonders will surely amaze you. Bask in the billowing volcanic steam vents on the slopes of Kilauea and traverse the eerie Thurston Lava Tube.
The Jaggar Museum and Observatory overlooking the Kilauea caldera is fun to explore and is quite informative. Learn about the geologic processes behind the shaping of our planet, and all about the lava which can be seen from the observatory.
Travel along the crater rim drive to the lava fields south of the caldera. Ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs carved into the lava rock take you back in time before the age of Instagram and vacation photos.
Be careful not to try bring any of the lava rocks back with you though. While it may just be legend or superstition, but some people have encountered bad luck after bringing some home as souvenirs… Check out this blog post which dives deeper into the topic.

Advantages of day trips from Oahu

The biggest advantage about day trips from Oahu is not having check into another hotel. Save precious time and money on vacation by not packing up, not checking in to a new hotel, and not renting a car.
Our Hawaii island hopping packages are all-inclusive and cover your logistics entirely. We will pick you up at your Waikiki hotel, take you to the airport, pick you up when you land, and set off for our adventure! After a day of amazing sites, we will take you to the airport where you’ll fly back to Oahu, and pick you up in Honolulu before returning to your hotel. Being on two islands in one day will leave you feeling accomplished and get you those vacation photos you’ve been dreaming of! So get the most complete vacation experience by adding day trips from Oahu to you “to do” list. If you want to read more about the advantages of island hopping, check out this recent blog post, which has tips for island hoppers. Aloha!

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