Continued Growth in Hawaii Economy and Tour Industry

Last year, Hawaii saw its share of ups and downs. But the Aloha State made a strong finish for 2011, experiencing positive growth in visitor arrivals and visitor spending. Discover Hawaii Tours also experienced positive growth overall, solidifying our position as a leader in the Hawaii in the tour industry.In 2011, Hawaii experienced a 3.8% rise in visitors with 7.3 million people coming to our islands. Double-digit growth in visitors from countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand helped fuel a successful year for the Aloha State. Despite a drop in the number of Japanese visitors coming to Hawaii in 2011 due to the devastating tsunami that hit Japan in March, Hawaii ended the year with a nearly 4% increase in overall visitors. Visitor spending also increased from previous statistics. In December 2011, visitor spending hit a new record: $1.3 billion for the month. At Discover Hawaii Tours, during 2011 we’ve seen growth in nearly every sector of our company. And we continue to grow in 2012.
From new hires to new tires (buses, that is), Discover Hawaii Tours has increased our presence in the local tour industry and on the web many times over!

2011 and early 2012 Milestones

Join us in 2012!

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