Congressional Gold Medal Goes to Hawaii WWII Heros

A group of twelve men from Hawaii are being honored with a Congressional Gold Medal. The group of men were soldiers in WWII, and part of 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team.Amazingly, these men volunteered to fight for their country, even after they were declared to be “enemy aliens”. Not only did they volunteer to fight for their country, but they did it with the utmost passion, and fearlessness. It is inspirational beyond explanation that many these American born men protested from internment camps that they be allowed to serve their country and show their patriotism. While they were flown off to war zones, their families remained in these camps, and when they returned home many were still there. They were met with signs reading “no Japs allowed”, and were refused service from many “Americans” in their community. President Barrack Obama signed legislation that would grant the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian award bestowed by congress, to the Japanese-American soldiers of the 100th, and 442nd, and MIS. The soldiers that served in the units which eventually merged into one, were, for its size and length of service, the most decorated unit in U.S. History. According to there were over 18,000 individual decorations for bravery, 9,500 Purple Hearts, and seven Presidential Distinguished Unit Citations, and now Congressional Gold Medals. The men who made up this unit were arguably some of the most loyal and hard fighting soldiers the U.S. has ever seen. They went to war for their country, and fought. John Boehner, R-Ohio, recognized their efforts and commitment before the presentation of the Congressional Gold Medals in a speech. He said “Together, the 100th and 442nd became the most highly decorated outfit in U.S. Army history… They received more than 9,000 Purple Hearts. They earned thousands of Bronze and Silver Stars. They earned 52 Distinguished Service Crosses and 21 Medals of Honor. They even won medals from the Italians and the French.”

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