Take a World Class Tour around the Length of Oahu with Discover Hawaii Tours

Oahu is a spectacular vacation destination, and for many visitors, there are more sights to see than time in the day. How can you possibly see all that Oahu has to offer during your vacation time? Discover Hawaii Tours has the answer with their Hawaii circle island world class tour options. If you’re anxious to see the whole island, one of Discover Hawaii Tours circle island tours is the way to go! These tours are exactly what they sound like, an entire circle of the island which allows you to see the amazing scenery, landmarks, and history that the island has to offer. Discover Hawaii Tours has numerous circle island tour options for you to choose from! Here are just a few examples.

If you choose the Ultimate Circle Island Eco-Adventure Tour with Discover Hawaii Tours, you’ll see beaches, waterfalls, exotic animals, and more! Oahu’s North Shore Beaches are among the most famous in the world for challenging surfing. The South Shore of Oahu is just as beautiful, though lesser known as a destination on Oahu. On this tour, you’ll also have a unique vantage point of the Diamond Head Crater, formed over 150,000 years ago by volcanic activity. In addition, you’ll take a short hike to visit the secluded Waimea Falls, a 45-foot tall waterfall that rumbles down the mountainside, making for a beautiful photo opportunity.

For those who would like a little tour of history included in their complete island world class tour, the Oahu Circle Island with Pearl Harbor Tour is perfect. This tour includes a number of the amazing natural sights along Oahu such as the beautiful beaches and incredible lookouts, and also includes a stop at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. While you’re in Pearl Harbor, you’ll also have the chance to visit the USS Arizona Memorial. The memorial is a beautiful tribute to the fallen from the attacks on Pearl Harbor, in particular the 1000 officers and crewmen who lost their lives when the Arizona was sunk in the harbor. The memorial now sits overtop of the sunken hull of the USS Arizona in remembrance.

Don’t wait too long before you book a spot on one of these spectacular world class tours. Seats fill up quickly on these popular tours, so make sure you and your family have seats on the incredible ride offered with Discover Hawaii Tours’ Oahu Circle Island Tours.

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