What to Expect From a Circle Island Tour of Oahu

On the marvelous Circle Island Tour of Oahu, experience all the beautiful, adventurous, and hidden sites and activities that Oahu has to offer with your friendly, local guide. This tour is designed to expose visitors to the glorious locations that Oahu has to offer but that few tourists ever see or experience. Your Oahu vacation will not be complete without this tour!


First, you will visit some of the best local beaches on Oahu, including Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach, and a location known for its Green Sea Turtle population. Many visitors on this tour spot Green Sea Turtles near Waimea Bay on Oahu’s North Shore. Waimea Bay is a great place to swim, so be sure to pack a bathing suit and towel so you can take a refreshing dip!

After exploring some of Hawaii’s most fabulous beaches, you will hike through a vibrant, lively rainforest complete with fantastic botanical gardens as you head towards the Waimea Valley Falls. You will also be able to dive in at this location and swim in the cascading waterfall located at the Waimea Valley. Your hike and swim will probably work up your appetite, and luckily, this tour includes lunch at a local restaurant. You will enjoy authentic Hawaiian food prepared with local ingredients. The restaurant is located at a clandestine island location with beautiful views of the famous Kualoa Ranch.

The tour will not end with lunch. You will continue to explore the island of Oahu with your local guide, who may sprinkle in some of his or her favorite Oahu locations as well. Sometimes, this tour includes trips to La’ie Point and Waimanalo Beach Park.

Included in the cost of this tour is your round trip Waikiki Hotel transportation, and your pick-up location will be no further than three minutes from your hotel. Your exact pick-up location will be communicated to you via your confirmation letter once you book your tour. You will want to bring a small pack including sunscreen, a hat and/or sunglasses, a swim suit and beach towel to swim at Waimea Bay and Waimea Valley Falls, and a bottle of water. Don’t forget your camera! You will certainly want to document some of Oahu’s beautiful sites on this tour. You should also be sure to wear comfortable shoes; all this exploration in uncomfortable shoes will distract you from the island’s beauty!

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