Christmas in Hawaii

Merry Christmas or Mele Kalikimaka as we say in Hawaii to all of you! Yes it is that time of the year again and believe it or not, people in Hawaii do celebrate Christmas. Those of you who are used to a white Christmas might find it hard to imagine celebrating Christmas on a beach while enjoying 85 degree temperatures and cool ocean breezes. Sure, some of the traditional holiday favorites like enjoying a nice warm cup of hot cocoa might be replaced with a refreshing ice cold pineapple slushy, but the holiday spirit remains alive on the islands.  Christmas in Hawaii has always been a special time for visitors and locals alike.  Where else can you see Santa Clause arriving on the white sandy beaches of Waikiki onboard a canoe?  Sorry Rudolf, unless you can swim we might not get to see your bright red nose.

Here on the islands we do things island style, including Christmas.  Join us on our many tours that visit downtown Honolulu including, Tour 3A: Pearl Harbor/City Tour, Tour 8: WWII Beginning to End Tour,Tour 50W: Hawaii Experience Package, and Tour 2A: A Day at Pearl Harbor.  Not only will you see a 30 foot tall, barefoot Santa Clause throwing a shaka to the crowd, but in downtown Honolulu you can also take part in the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony followed by the Honolulu Parade of Lights.
Historically, the Hawaiians did not participate in Christmas until the arrival of Captain Cook in 1778.  However, the Hawaiians did celebrate this time of year as their “Harvest Season” or “Makahiki” which lasted for about four months.  During this time people enjoyed a time of rest, relaxation, and feasting.  Any wars or battles were also put on hold during this season to ensure time of peace of relaxation. We ask that you make the most of your holidays and hopefully you can also enjoy a truly memorable “Non- White” Christmas in Hawaii.  There really is no other place on earth like Hawaii to spend Christmas.  Mele Kalikimaka!

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