4 Expenses You Need To Plan For On Hawaii

Visiting Hawaii is a life-changing experience that everyone should experience! But times are hard for many of us, and scraping up enough to make out to the islands can be difficult, and can require a lot of planning and self-control. But a cheap Hawaii vacation is certainly possible and thousands make it happen every year!

Budgeting is an important part of this process, but a good vacation budget needs all the details, including these four expenses that nearly everyone who visits Hawaii should plan for:

1) A car

Nearly everyone who comes to Hawaii, especially Maui, Kauai, and Big Island, rents a car. The islands are bigger than many guests expect–it can take a lot of time to get around! Rental cars aren’t cheap and they can become even more expensive if you let the rental companies sell you add-ons or extra insurance. To save money, check your credit card. All major credit card companies have rental car insurance included, so there is no reason to buy it from the dealership.

2) Inter-island costs

Say you are taking a Maui vacation and want to see Pearl Harbor, or you are hanging out on Oahu and really want to go see the volcano at Big Island. Any of these tours will require some form of inter-island transport. You can choose to fly and rent a new car on the next island, catch a ferry, or take an inter-island tour with Discover Hawaii Tours.

3) Activities, of course!

When you are planning for Kauai vacations, Maui vacations, Oahu vacations, or Big Island vacations, don’t forget to plan your activities and book seats so you know what you will be paying! An alarming number of visitors come to the islands without a clear idea of what they will actually DO. Plan ahead so your seats are safe and your budget is set.

4) Food

Planning ahead for food is especially problematic. If your cheap Hawaii vacation is all-inclusive, problem solved. If you are paying for everything out of pocket, be prepared to spend a lot at the resorts and restaurants. Fortunately, Hawaii has both supermarkets and local markets which can provide you with a much cheaper option that is much more authentically Hawaiian. Know your food budget, and know how you will make it work. 

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