How to Go Hawaii on the Cheap (part 1)!

The recession, even on the upswing, has put so many people’s minds on affordability. We’ve cut back, lightened loads, minimized risk… It is a necessary step and one that should be celebrated, but it also isn’t very fun—especially when you step back and realize that you really do need a vacation. Fortunately, there are cheap Hawaii Vacation Packages and even some Hawaii Vacation Packages All-Inclusive style, and there are plenty of affordable options out there for those who aren’t sure if they can have enough money to visit the Aloha Islands.

So how do you take a Hawaiian vacation that break your savings account?

1. Well first, plan. Budgeting is an incredible tool for monthly and yearly expenses. Knowing how much you have coming in, how much you owe, and where your money needs to go, just makes sense. As some have put it, tell your money where it needs to go, don’t wonder where it went! Budgeting also makes sense for vacations. Get a good handle on how much every part of your trip can spend and then have some reserve for when things go over.

And if this doesn’t sound like fun, think again. When you budget your trip you’ll be able to set aside money, and then spend it without worrying or trying to conserve. Plan for eating out on Monday! Don’t worry about buying those new glasses! If you have the money set aside for having fun, then you can just relax and do it!

2. As far as saving money, one of the very best things you can do is to pick your season carefully. Off-seasons are famous for being cheaper as lower tourist turnout encourages vendors to cut their prices on their Hawaii Vacations Packages. You can also typically find cheaper flights in and out of the islands. The busiest seasons include Christmas, Spring Break and most of the summer months, so try to aim for August through November and April through May to beat the crowds and land some sweet deals.

Continued in part II.

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