Today’s Traveler: A Cell Phone Camera Could Save You

Inspired by an article published on the USA Today Travel website, here is some advice covering some situations when having a camera phone or digital camera could save you some major hassles during your vacation, or throughout any of your travels. When coming to Hawaii if you prefer to do your touring yourself, you’ll probably want to rent a car, and protecting yourself from the rental car companies is a necessity. Although you’ll have a much better experience if you choose to tour with a company that can do the driving for you, and already knows all of the best local information to present you with.“Use your cell phone camera to avoid travel headaches” discusses a situation in which the author, Ed Perkins, was saved major headaches by having and using his cell phone camera. In the article Ed talks about a rental car experience he recently had and how, since there were no agents available to check his car before he left the lot, he just took pictures of his rental car in the rental lot with his camera phone. His pictures were of some “streaks” that he noticed on his rental car, he took pictures to protect himself from a damage claim that he thought the company would inevitably try to charge him when he returned it. Upon returning the rental car, just as he expected, the agent stated that he needed to fill out a damage form because of the streaks on the passenger-side door. But when Ed showed him the pictures he took before leaving the lot, the agent just dropped it. Ed also discusses his policy when staying at hotels or resorts; if he encounters unacceptable conditions he will complain to the hotel, take pictures, and then if it hasn’t been resolved within 24 hours he checks out and demands a full refund. This is all great advice for the traveler in today’s world, and a great way to protect yourself from financial issues. There are plenty of horror stories of people who get stuck paying over-inflated repair costs that the rental companies charge should your rental be returned in less-than-perfect condition.

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