Celebrating the 66th Anniversary of the End of WWII

This Friday, the USS Missouri will host a ceremony to celebrate the 66th anniversary of the Japanese surrender on Sept 2, 1945. The event effectively was the end of WWII. Discover Hawaii Tours will continue to operate regular tours to Pearl Harbor that day. Here’s an excerpt from Discover Hawaii News about the Surrender Anniversary and the Second World War:
…On the deck of the USS Missouri on September 2, 1945, in Tokyo Bay, after nearly forty-five months of war, General Douglas MacArthur accepted Japan’s surrender, effectively ending World War II. Japan’s efforts in the war were waning in 1945. A series of events in July and August brought the end in sight for the Imperial Japanese Navy. By the end of July 1945, despite public statements that Japan will fight until the very end, the country’s leaders were quietly preparing a peaceful request for sympathy from the neutral Soviet Union. And then, tragedy struck the islands of Japan…
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