Celebrate Shark Week on a North Shore Oahu Shark Cage Tour

Have your very own shark week on Oahu’s North Shore Aloha friends! Everyone at Discover Hawaii Tours is extremely excited about Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. It seems like everyone is an “Expert” or knows some amazing fact about sharks. If you love Shark Week and become an expert too, here are some facts you can amaze your friends and family with.


There are two types of sharks inshore sharks and offshore sharks. Inshore sharks are Galapagos, Blacktip Reef, Gray Reef, Bignose, Blacktip, Sandbar, Tiger, Scalloped Hammerhead, Smooth Hammerhead and Whitetip Reef Shark. The inshore sharks typically eat small fish, octopus and crustaceans NOT people. Offshore sharks live in deeper water and eat fish, rays and marine mammals. Cookiecutter, Megamouth, Oceanic Whitetip, Thresher, Blue, Silky, Shortfin, White and Whale Shark all live in the deep water. Whale fish are my favorite sharks because they only eat plankton and small fishes. They have huge mouths and have a super cool checkerboard spot pattern. They are found South of Kauai. The chances of being bitten in Hawaii are small, less than one in a million. Most shark attacks in Hawaii come from Tiger Sharks. They will eat almost anything and sometimes mistake humans at the surface as a seal or other fish. To reduce your risk swim with groups of people, don’t enter the water if you have open wounds and stay out of the water during feeding time (dawn, dusk or night). If you love shark week as much as I do you can learn more about our very own Alex Kite’s Shark Encounter or take your own shark tour when you come to Hawaii. After the shark tour you might consider yourself an “expert” as well.   Tours: http://www.discoverhawaiitours.com/visit/shark Alex Kite’s story: http://www.discoverhawaiitours.com/blog/2012/05/04/swim-with-sharks-in-hawaii/ Discovery Channel: http://www.discovery.com

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