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Our new search bar is here, and it’s now easier than ever to search for Hawaii tours and activities on our website! (Check it out: click to search for ‘luau’.) Why are we so excited about a search? Four big reasons: you can now easily explore our tours, travel attractions, blog posts, and news articles. That’s a lot of information to discover!

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Let’s say you want to go to the Polynesian Cultural Center, so you search for it. The first thing you see is a list of tours that take you to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Great, this is exactly what you were searching for! Wait, what if you want to learn more about the travel attractions associated with PCC? Easy, just click the next tab, “Attractions”, and your search brings up results from our Hawaii Travel Guide. Or, if you’re looking for blog posts about PCC, simply click the next tab, “Blog” and it’ll bring up any blog posts that mention the Polynesian Cultural Center. Same thing with the “News” tab!

Start over: Snorkeling on Oahu

If PCC isn’t on your list of things to do in Hawaii, you might search instead for “snorkeling on Oahu”. Voila! You’ve just found the perfect tour, the West Oahu Snorkel and Sail Adventure Tour. Or, our Oahu Scuba Diving Eco-Adventure Tour! The choice is yours.

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