Bracing for APEC 2011

Honolulu, Hawaii, the host of this year’s APEC conferences is preparing for the fast approaching 2011 event. City officials, Police, Local Businesses and Residents are all bracing for the impacts of APEC 2011. Sure to be one of the most important events that Hawaii will host, the APEC 2011 conferences will be a great opportunity for Hawaii to showcase all that it has to offer, as well as really inconveniencing many who call the state home, especially in the Waikiki area. Some of the things residents will have to endure (besides feeling as if they are participants in the next “Big Brother”), are a slew of lane closures, restrictions to many of the parking areas that locals (and tourists) use on a daily basis, extremely bad traffic, and don’t even think about taking your boat anywhere during the meetings! Hawaii lies in the crossroads of the Pacific, connecting much of the east and the west. It is a great place to host Asia-Pacific meetings and conventions because it is situated in the heart of the Pacific. The upcoming conferences will be a great chance for Hawaii to show off all that it has to offer for Asia-Pacific investment; being a great place for so many industries, Hawaii stands to gain a lot during this series of meetings.In hopes to attract business from the world-wide community, Hawaii has been preparing for APEC 2011 since it was selected to host the event. The addition of about 30 surveillance cameras, countless upgrades to the roads (only in Waikiki, of course), numerous lane closures and restrictions on public parking areas are some of the things organizers are doing to accommodate the dignitaries and conference attendees. With the chance to bring some serious investment opportunities to Hawaii, the APEC conferences will be an unprecedented opportunity for local businesses to shine. Hopefully the problems and hassles that will be had during the week of the conferences will be worth the opportunity to bring so much business to the state.

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