Amazing Mountain Bike Tours Offered Through Discover Hawaii Tours

Would you like to be a part of the most hands on Hawaiian nature adventures available? Well don’t look any further, because the bike Hawaii day tours through Discover Hawaii Tours are absolutely the best in the business. They have over fifteen years of dedication and service to the tourists of Hawaii, and have built a name for themselves as a premiere Hawaiian interisland tour company. Every tour they operate is scrutinized heavily, and is run by a trusted professional. Check out some of the top mountain bike tours Hawaii style:


Downhill Bike and Rainforest Hike- If a Hawaii volcano bike tour sounds appealing to you, then you really should give this tour package a look. Tourists who journey along this tour will take an incredible bike ride down the side of Mt. Tantalus, and will explore lush nature forest preserves. Along the way, see the incredible views of Pearl Harbor, Kailua, Waikiki and even downtown Hononolulu. Every moment is picturesque and guaranteed to thrill.

Oahu Mountain Bike Tour- Do you feel like experiencing some of the most visited tourist spots in all of Hawaii? This tour guarantees its guests just that. Tourists will bike through fascinating locations such as the Kualoa Ranch, World War II Bunkers, an ancient Hawaiian Kauhale and more. See the legendary Hollywood movie spots where films like Jurassic Park were filmed, and enjoy the lush rainforests and freshwater streams of this untouched haven.

Downtown Bike and Waterfall Hike- Would you like to truly experience the beauty of Oahu’s natural ecology? This tour package brings its guests along the journey of a lifetime as they bike down Mt. Tantalus, and travel through some of Oahu’s most prestigious visitation spots. Gaze upon the beautiful Manoa Falls, and receive panoramic views of the great Diamond Head Crater. Along the way you will hike through bamboo forest, see ancient Hawaiian homes, and so much more.

Full-Day: Bike and Hike, Snorkel and Sail Adventure- Do you want to squeeze as much adventure out of your Hawaiian journey as possible? Well this tour package option certainly does all that and more. Guests who select this package will get a first-hand look at what Hawaii truly has to offer. From sailing the Kewalo Basin, to hiking through the Manoa Falls-This package has it all.

For more details on the tour options available through Discover Hawaii Tours, call us at 808-670-3743. And as the islanders say: “Ho’olu komo la kaua” or, “Please join us!”

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