Top 7 Best Biking Destinations Across Hawaii! Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the “Top 7 best biking destinations across Hawaii!” tour guide! In part 1 of the guide, we briefly went over 3 of the 7 best biking destinations Hawaii-They included the Waikiki Beach, the Kualoa Ranch, and the Ko’olau Mountains. In this part of the guide we will cover 4 more astonishing tour destinations sites, and briefly describe their qualities. Let’s get started:


4. The Manoa Falls- Hidden within the precarious slopes of the Koolau Mountains you will find this majestic haven. Due to the Hawaiian trade winds that come through these parts, the Manoa Falls receive rainfall almost daily. Tourists biking through this forested wonderland are certain to be thrilled by the captivating vegetation and wildlife.

5. Mount Tantalus- located in the southern Koolau Mountains you will find this magnificent mountainside. It hangs proudly over Honolulu, with views over incredible locations such as Diamond Head and Barber’s Point. Bikers that select this location as a tour stop can begin traveling along the winding mountain road that starts behind the Punchbowl Crater. The path snakes its way through Makiki Valley, meets up with the descending Mount Tantalus, and eventually ends up in the city of Honolulu.

6. The Diamond Head Crater- The Diamond Head Crater is a distinctive volcano landmark. It is located at the end of the Waikiki Beach, and marks the end of South Shore Oahu. At one point this extinct volcano erupted, but it is believed to never erupt again. Bikers who decide to head out to this location will be blown away by the beautiful sights and sounds of its pure Oahu nature. See its gorgeous calcite crystals, and gaze upon beautiful ecology that you never have before.

7. Downtown Honolulu- Downtown Honolulu is a booming tropical city filled to the brim with historical significance and royal culture. Bikers taking a stop through this marvel will be mesmerized by its perfect fusion of natural preservation and modern architecture. Along the way they can sight-see incredible locations such as the Iolani Palace, the King Kamehameha Statue, the Honolulu Hale, and so much more.

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