Big Island Volcano House (Almost) Back in Business

After two years and over $4 million in renovations, the iconic Volcano House hotel in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park may finally reopen its doors to the public. The Volcano House inn, which is also a restaurant and gift shop, opened in the 19th century, was rebuilt in 1941, and closed its doors to renovations in 2009.
This year, a 15-year concession contract was awarded to the Hawaii Volcanoes Lodge Company, LLC. The company will oversee the operations of overnight lodging at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, plus restaurant, retail, and other services throughout the Big Island park. So far, the Volcano House does not have an official opening date. In fact, up to $3.5 million in renovations will still be made to the location until its reopening. The Big Island Volcano House is closer than ever to returning to what it does best: inviting guests to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park with a unique location in one of the world’s most active volcanic regions.

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