Tips for an Affordable Hawaiian Vacation (Part I)

Hawai’i is drop dead gorgeous. Really. You can’t go wrong on the Aloha Islands. The air is tropical, the water is bright, and the food is amazing. But times are hard for so many of us and even those who are financially secure may have a little hesitation to really invest in a vacation as fantastic as Hawaii. Can you afford it?

Well, the good news is that there are in fact Hawaiian vacation package options and lots of tips and tricks that can make a visit to the Aloha Islands fit your budget as you create memories that last a lifetime. So take a step back and consider these six tips.


1. Have your budget.

A through schedule of income and expenses, a budget, can help you take real control of your personal finances in an exciting way. They take the guesswork out of living and spending, and can give you a lot of peace of mind.

They can also be surprisingly fun when it comes to vacations. So many of us are so careful with our money we almost never cut loose and just enjoy what we’ve set aside. Take a look at your budget before you plan everything and honestly decide how much you are willing to give yourself to craft a vacation that you may really need and that you and your group will never forget. Then take that money and get ready—because when you have money set aside to spend on fun, that fun feels AMAZING!

2. Consider all-inclusive packages

All inclusive Oahu or Maui Hawaii Vacation Packages aren’t always the cheapest Hawaii vacation packages you come across. But often, even if the sticker price is higher on an all-inclusive trip to Hawaii, you may end up saving money through the extras that come included. For instance, Big Island vacation rentals or tours of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park may be included in one resort’s package, saving you hundreds of dollars that you would have needed to pick up piecemeal otherwise, or which you might miss out on entirely. All inclusives give you piece of mind, and they give you exciting extras to take advantage of.

Continued in part II.

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