Big Island Tours: The True Hawaii Experience

Volcanoes, beautiful beaches, amazing snorkeling, snowboarding, music, film festivals, slower island pace and great food are just a few reasons to include Big Island Tours in your next Hawaii vacation.

Lava lava: Big Island volcanoes

Experience the modern culture of Hawaii rising out of the lava from the past. The Big Island is exactly that, BIG. Its the biggest of the Hawaiian Islands because it is still growing from lava flows whereas its sister islands have moved away from the volcanic hot spot and have diminished over the millennia.
To experience the creation of the Hawaiian island chain take a Volcano Tour. You’ll see the history of the creation of Hawaii in the making as you stand on the end of lava flows and will have a chance to see the red glow of molten rock at night.

Blue Hawaii, Big Island Tours

Volcanoes aren’t the only reason to visit the Big Island. There are an array of many types of activities that appeal to just about everyone’s tastes. The bright blue waters of the coast offer amazing visibility for diving and snorkeling. On a Snorkel & Dolphin Adventure Tour you will experience some of the brightest blue water and crystal-like visibility that you have ever experienced.
As you’re enjoying the colorful undersea creatures you will most likely hear the underwater clicks and whistles of the resident dolphin pod, with luck they will come and say hi.

From above: Big Island zip line adventure

One of the best ways to see the Island is to fly over it. If you’re looking to feel the rush of Hawaii through your hair consider taking a Zipline Tour. With 8 zip line tracks you’ll get angles of the beautiful Big Island coast and mountain foliage. You’ll zip through tree tops at lengths of 600-1600 feet, giving you an experience of Hawaii you’ll never forget.
There is a reason why the Big Island bears the name of the entire island chain; you can experience true Hawaii as it was and how it is now. Discover true Hawaii and go take a tour on the Big Island. Learn more about our Big Island Tours.

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