3 More Fantastic Ideas for Adventures on Big Island Hawaii


Visiting Big Island? There’s no shortage of adventures to have on the Orchid Isle and we’ve checked out the best for you. After you’ve booked your Hawaii Big Island Tours with DiscoverHawaiiTours.com try these activities and see everything that Big Island Hawaii has to offer you!

See the island from an angle few do with Big Island Helicopter Tours!

For obvious reasons, most of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is closed to the public and, well, just about everyone else. Thick volcanic fumes and lava runs drastically limit the area available for tourists, and leave out many of the most amazing sights…

Unless you are airborne! Discover Hawaii Tours offer state-of-the-art Big Island helicopter tours from Hilo that offers visitors unparalleled views of Mount Kilauea and all the features of the only active volcano in Hawaii. You’ll be able to see everything, from volcanic steam vents, flowing lava, the blasted volcanic landscape, and the new life moving in to fresh rock and earth. You’ll even be able to peak into the Pu`u O`o Vent, the open heart of the volcano. These seats, however, are extremely limited and need to be reserved in advance, so take the time to reserve the early. 

Try snorkeling!

The coral reefs around Big Island are absolutely teeming with life and Big Island snorkeling tours are some of the most rewarding in the world for fish-spotting. Bright tropical fish, spinner dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles, and the occasional shipwreck are all down there and many tour options provide glass bottomed boats for better viewing. There is even a very good chance of running into humpback whales mating and raising calves in the distance.  The water is also reasonably warm, though not as warm as the Florida coast.

Look for the god of war at Pu’ukohola

In downtown Honolulu thousands of guest view a statue of King Kamehameha the Great, the warrior king of Hawaii who united the Hawaiian Islands under one throne. This king and his ancestors worshiped the god Ku, a god of war, and sought his favor by building a stone temple above the Kawaihae Harbor in North Kohala on Big islands. The temple is known as a Heiau, a lava rock temple, and dates from 1791. It was named Pu’ukohola heiau, which means “Temple on the Hill of the Whale” (a reference to the hundreds of humpbacks who come to Hawaii seeking warm waters in which to breed), and although Kamehameha the Second ordered the temple destroyed it has been mostly restored and is now open to the public during business hours as a national historic site and a piece of history that should not be missed. Call 808-670-3743 to book your tour.


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