Try Big Island Boat Tours

What better way to explore the Big Island of Hawaii and all it has to offer than by a luxurious catamaran! Ever popular, boat tours are often considered to be an essential portion of the Hawaiian experience. Discover Hawaii Tours offers several fabulous boat tours, and the Big Island Morning Snorkel and Dolphin Adventure is a top, highly rated experience for the entire family.

On these Big Island boat tours you will set sail on an extraordinary 65 foot catamaran. This remarkable vessel, including at 15 foot dive platform, a 20 foot water slide, and a premium bar, will be your vehicle as you explore one of Hawaii’s most loved snorkeling locations. As you explore the beautiful sites near Kona, including Fantasy Reef, Red Hill, and Turtle Heaven Cove, you will surely begin to notice some of Hawaii’s most interesting and exotic tropical marine life. You will have the chance on this tour to venture to Big Island’s Marine Sanctuaries; these locations are meant to protect the breadth of life in Kona and are only accessible by boat. Visiting these Marine Sanctuaries is certainly a unique experience that you will recall fondly for many years to come.

You will be able to come even closer to the incredible creatures swimming near Kona as you will have the chance to spend almost three hours in the water on your own snorkel adventure. You will have the chance to snorkel in the open Pacific Ocean, spot Hawaiian sea life up close and personally, and maybe even check out a Big Island waterfall or two! This tour includes snorkel safety instructions and access to all of the equipment you will use while in the water. Be sure to pack a swimsuit, a large towel, sunscreen, sunglasses and/or a hat, a jacket and, of course, to document your amazing adventure, a waterproof camera.

If you enjoy the incredible and unique experience of exploring Hawaii’s beauty by boat, you may also wish to consider of Discover Hawaii Tours’ many Big Island helicopter tours. As you travel by boat or helicopter, you achieve access to some of the most distinctive and exclusive views of the islands’ natural beauty.

Big Island boat and helicopter tours are both very popular. Be sure to check the available dates in advance on or call 808-670-3743 to book your tour today!

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