Best Time To Go To Hawaii Infographic

When is the best time to visit Hawaii? A lot of people ask this question when planning their trip to the Hawaiian Islands. Let’s look at a few different factors—like budget and climate—to find the best time to travel to Hawaii for you.(Plus, we discovered this helpful infographic about when to visit Hawaii.)

Visitor “Off season” vs. “High season”

When do most visitors travel to Hawaii? When the weather is unfavorable where they live. Makes sense, right? It turns out that most visitors arrive during mid-December through mid-April. This is the “high season”, when hotel, airfare and rental car prices increase. Hotels are typically booked full, so if you plan on traveling during this time of year, plan ahead to make sure you can book a room. Note: The latter half of December—during Christmas and New Year’s—is the most popular time for visitors to travel to Hawaii. The “off season” is from mid-April to mid-June, and also from September to mid-December. This is when you will find the best travel deals because airfare is more affordable and hotels have more rooms available. Note: The off-season, ironically, offers the best weather in Hawaii!

Does Hawaii have seasons, like winter or autumn?

Yes, Hawaii has two seasons. Instead of spring, summer, fall and winter, Hawaii has a dry season and and a wet season. Both seasons are warm, with average temperatures between 70°F (21°C) and 85°F (29°C). The dry season is from April to October. The weather is favorable, we enjoy lots of sunshine, and the warm air is balanced with cool tradewinds. Average temperatures are between 72°F (lows) and 87°F (highs). The wet season is from November to March. The typical climate is rainy and cloudy, but it hardly rains more than a few days straight in one place. During the nightime it can get chilly, many people wear a sweater in the evenings. If you’re coming to Hawaii to spend all day tanning on the beach, consider visiting Hawaii during the dry season.

Leeward and Windward sides of the islands

Did you know? The leeward side of every Hawaiian Island is typically dry, arid, and desert-like? Leeward corresponds to East and South, so if the weather where you are is too wet and rainy, visit the leeward side. The windward side of the islands receive lots of rainfall and are jungle-like. If you enjoy tropical rainforests and rainy weather, visit the windward side. Note: Hilo, located on the Big Island’s windward side, gets over 180 inches of rainfall every year. On the island’s leeward side is Puako, which only receives about 60 inches each year.

State and Federal Holidays

Hawaii observes both national holidays and statewide holidays. During these holidays, travel prices typically increase for airfare, rental cars and hotels. Restaurants are often busier, filled with people celebrating the holiday with their families. Here are some important holidays and special events Hawaii observes:
  • Prince Kuhio Day – March 26
  • King Kamehameha Day – June 11
  • Admissions Day- third Friday in August
  • May Day / Lei Day – May 1
  • Chinese New Year – January or February
  • Girls’ Day – March 3
  • Father Damien Day – April 15
  • Boys’ Day – May 5
  • Pearl Harbor Attack Anniversary – December 7
  • Christmas Day – December 25
  • New Year’s Eve – December 31
  • New Year’s Day – January 1
Check ahead to see whether businesses will be closed for a holiday or event during your visit. Also, federal and state government offices are closed for federal hoildays.
Note: Many businesses are open during Christmas and New Year’s. After all, thousands of visitors love to celebrate the holiday season in Hawaii!

Infographic: When to Visit Hawaii

This colorful, fun infographic created by Hawaiian Beach Rentals makes it easy to learn the Best Times to Take a Hawaii Vacation, as the title says.

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