Best Off-The-Beaten-Path Spots on Hawaii Island

There are many reasons to visit Hawaii, but what tour companies have found is that each tourist visits Hawaii for a different set of reasons. These specific reasons also might determine which island is your favorite. How will you know? And how will you visit the right ones? Read on to see if tours of the Big Island are right for you. Here are a few reasons you might want to visit and check out some of the more off-the-beaten-path spots on Hawaii Island.


If you’re a coffee drinker, the Big Island is the place to be. Kona Coffee is famous and especially so in the United States. While this is one of Hawaii’s most famous imports, you can see Kona for yourself on the Big Island of Hawaii. Kona is a region that contains hundreds of coffee farms. The coffee is so delicious due to high elevation, cloud coverage and the rich volcanic soil. On the Big Island, you can tour Kona Coffee plantations and see how the coffee mills work and beans are processed. Boutique coffee farms are again popping up in other Hawaiian Island districts such as Puna, Kau and Hilo. Exploring the tradition of Hawaii’s famous export is a fun way to see the island and experience the land.


Another unique experience of the Big Island are the petroglyphs found among lava rocks. These ancient carvings  or Kii Pohaku were carved by native Hawaiians from centuries past. Carvings include human forms, turtles, other animals and conoes. The largest petroglyph field in Hawaii is in Puuloa Petroglyphs withing Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. More than 23,000 images were carved into the lava here long before Hawaii was westernized. It’s an amazing site and you can take guided tours that let you see all the rock carvings along with other beautiful spots on Hawaii island.


Finally, expect the unexpected when you visit Hawaii Island to see the paniolos. These are Hawaiian cowboys from the ranches of Waimea and North Kohala. Longhorn cattle were released by Captain George Vancouver in 1798 and roamed the island, multiplying before long. Horses were introduced five years later and a beef and hide business was boarn by 1832. Mexican vaqueros were hired to help wrangle the wild cattle and the local cowboy culture was born.


While there are so many reasons to visit Hawaii, the Big Island has an eclectic mix of draws. Visit these and other spots on Hawaii Island to experience the nature and the people that make it an amazing and unique place. Call Discover Hawaii Tours at 808-670-3743 to schedule your visit.

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