Beach Cleanups: Beautifying Hawaii Beaches

Who doesn’t love a clean beach? I know I do. The last thing you want to feel when you’re putting your feet in the sand is a piece of trash. Hawaii beaches are some of the most pristine in the world, but it takes the love and care of people to keep them that way.

Hawaii Beaches

Here in Hawaii there is a love and passion for respecting and caring for aina, the land. This belief is carried out most actively by various community and environmental groups who coordinate beach cleanup efforts. But like many things that have a positive impact on the world, it starts with just one person. For example, Laniakea Beach on Oahu’s North Shore is famous for big waves in the winter and for the sea turtles who inhabit its shore.  The main staple of their diet is jellyfish, and plastic bags look a lot like lunch in the eyes of a turtle. When a turtle eats a plastic bag, they get a false sensation of being full and they do not continue to hunt for food.
Dirty beaches are not only unpleasant to spend time at and an eyesore, they are hazardous to the environment and the beautiful creatures who call them home.

Beach Day Tips

Here are some easy ways to minimize your impact on the environment when going to the beach.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle. A reusable water bottle not only helps reduce the amount of plastic packaging used, but they are less likely to blown away or improperly discarded.  Hawaii has award winning tap water, so refilling your water bottle is a great tasting way to save money!
  • Use a tote bag instead of plastic bags. These are commonly brought to the grocery store to use instead of plastic bags, but they also make a great beach bag!  Use them for bringing lunch, sunscreen, towels and a book to relax with on the beach.
  • Use a travel mug for coffee. Now you may not necessarily drink coffee at the beach but a travel mug for coffee also reduces the amount of consumer packaging you useNearly every hotel room is equipped with a coffee maker, so making coffee in the morning while you plan your day is a great way to save around $3.50 per cup!
  The best part about buying products like these here is they ALL make great souvenirs! Another way to reduce your impact on the environment when enjoying Hawaii beaches is to use Reef Safe Sunscreen.  Some skin protecting products have chemicals in them which are good for keeping your skin safe from the sun, but have a harmful effect on the environment.  Reef safe sunscreen is biodegradable and wont harm the coral or fish you see while snorkeling.

Beautiful Beach Days For Everyone!

Cleaning up the environment is a great way to become involved with and improve your community. In Hawaii we are lucky enough to be able to do this at the beach.  At Discover Hawaii Tours we are aware of this and proud to be doing our part to help keep Hawaii beaches clean for everyone. Clean beaches do a lot more than just keep trash out from between your toes…they help protect sea life. And clean beaches benefit everyone who enjoys spending time there.  Vacationers especially!
We hope our beach day tips help you, and be sure to check out other posts to our Hawaii Travel Blog for travel tips, tour features, customer reviews, and great vacation ideas. Aloha!

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