Backpacking Hawaii


Pack your hiking gear Hawaii visitors! The Aloha Island is a top destination for those who love a fabulous hiking adventure. All of the Hawaiian Islands are home to beautiful, cascading waterfalls, lush, green rainforests, black and white sand beaches, and even more surreally gorgeous sights. What better way to discover our planet’s natural wonders than by backpacking Hawaii!! Check out some of these awesome tours that are centered around hiking and embracing the environment.

Lace up your hiking shoes Hawaii is one of the world’s best destinations for adventure seekers and Discover Hawaii Tours offers the very poplar Koko Head Crater Sunrise Hike. On this tour, you will have the chance to hike to the top of Koko Head Crater on the island of Oahu. The Koko Head Crater and the surrounding secluded beach is often considered one of Oahu’s most beautiful locations. Embarking on this journey in the early morning will grant you the unique experience of watching the vibrant Hawaiian sunrise from this scenic spot. You will also have the chance to check out the famous Koko Head Crater itself, standing at 1200 feet in elevation! This crater and all that surrounds it—including the Halona Blowhole and Cover, the Hunauma Bay, and the clear, turquois water where you can take a dip—is certainly a breathtaking, unforgettable sight. The Koko Head Crater hike is along one of Oahu’s most challenging trails, so this tour is best for experienced adventurers. Bring along a bottle of water and push yourself to reach the end of this remarkable hike!

Another fantastic hiking trip from Discover Hawaii Tours is the Oahu Volcano Rainforest Hike. No Hawaiian vacation is complete without a trip to a volcano! On this tour, you will hike along the sloping trails of the extinct Mount Tantalus. At about 600 feet in elevation, you will be able to view so many of Oahu’s natural treasures, including the Pu’u Ohia Cinder Cone and the native reforestation area. This hike is about 2.5 miles round trip, and is considered an excursion best for those of average or above average fitness levels.

Hiking in Hawaii is one of the most special ways to experience its lovely islands and scenery. Check out these tours from Discover Hawaii Tours and book one for you and your family today!

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