Awesome Helicopter Ride Around Oahu

There’s plenty of beautiful sites to see around the Hawaiian Islands with lush jungles, tropical coastlines, world-class beaches, majestic mountain ranges, and stunning waterfalls. One of the most thrilling ways to see the unique landscapes of the islands is from a bird’s eye view on a helicopter ride. You’ll witness famous landmarks by air as well as the hidden landscapes tucked away in valleys and rugged mountain ranges. Here at Discover Hawaii Tours, we decided sightseeing in a helicopter is so amazing that we had to offer it as one of our tours. I recently had the pleasure to experience a ride around Oahu with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.
My Experience It was a beautiful day to take flight with minimal clouds in the sky. Anticipation set in as we strapped into our seats and put our head sets on. The pilot introduced himself as Kimo, an island local whose helicopter experience goes back to the Vietnam War. We had a short briefing on using our headsets then took off east towards Honolulu. The first thing I noticed was how surprisingly smooth the flight was as we glided off the coastline with ease. We flew past Waikiki and approached the famous landmark Diamond Head, where Kimo spent a short time hovering over allowing everyone to get panoramic views of the extinct volcanic crater. Continuing east, we ended up at Hanauma Bay, a gorgeous state park with a beautiful beach and a giant multicolored bed of reef. Similar to Diamond Head, I learned from Kimo that the bay was also an extinct volcano crater and formed from lava spewing over the side into the ocean. As we continued onto the east side, we flew by the massive Ko’olau Mountain Range witnessing several hidden valleys away from society. Further north and tucked away in the mountains was Sacred Falls, the largest waterfall on Oahu. This incredible waterfall plummeted over 1000ft down the Ko’olau Mountain Range, falling into a series of tranquil pools that sat on the ledge of the summit. We hovered over with a smooth 360 and felt lucky when we learned the falls is only accessible by air
(trail to to falls closed due to landslides). Next we continued north passing shrimp farms, Polynesian Cultural Center, and Turtle Bay Resort. We looped around  the north shore witnessing massive breaking waves on famous surf spots and down the west mountain range heading south back towards Honolulu. Approaching Pearl Harbor, I got a whole new perspective on the site of the Arizona Memorial. It was a moving experience looking down at the USS Arizona sunken at the bottom of the ocean. Shortly past Pearl Harbor we landed back on the airfield and watched the amazing footage recorded from our flight. The thrill of riding around Oahu ina helicopter was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had in my life. What We Offer Discover Hawaii Tours offers a 45-50 minute helicopter tour around Oahu with round-trip transportation from any hotel in Waikiki. We chose to book for Blue Hawaiian for their expert tour pilots, best reviews, outstanding safety record, and high tech touring helicopters. It is the largest helicopter tour company on the islands and #1 recommended by National Geographic. I give touring Oahu in a helicopter two thumbs way up. Seeing the island by air is an awe-inspiring experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.  

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