The Top 5 Volcano Destinations in the World (Part 2)

Continued from Part I

What a unique experience to visit one of our planet’s most powerful and naturally magnificent structures. A view of the Earth’s core—hot, glowing, and steaming—is accessible only by visiting and exploring one of the few volcanic destinations on planet Earth. Visiting a volcano is unreal, and absolutely unparalleled by any other vacationing experience. While the number of volcanos on Earth is not astronomical, there are plenty of breathtaking volcanoes to visit!

3. Those with an interest in volcanoes must visit the famous Mount Arenal in Costa Rica. Rising over 5,480 feet over a beautiful lake and a lush, green jungle, Mount Arenal is a spectacular sight. The woods that surround Mount Arenal are filled with hiking and walking trails that cross over old lava fields and expose distinctive wildlife, including howler monkeys and toucans. With many of Arenal Volcano hotels nearby—many of which offer a fabulous view of the volcano itself or access to naturally occurring hot springs—visiting and staying near Mount Arenal is an essential adventure in any Costa Rican vacation.  Also, near the Arenal Volcano, activities are plentiful. You will not be bored in the town of La Fortuna, home to the Arenal Volcano and several spas, restaurants, bars, and private hot springs.

4. Another great location for volcano lovers is Mount Bromo in East Java, Indonesia. Last erupting in 2004 and showing some weak activity in 2007, Mount Bromo continues to smoke today. With plenty of activities surrounding Mount Bromo, including horseback riding and hiking, exploring this mind-blowing location will certainly be unforgettable.

5. (Again!) Of course, you must stop in Hawaii for a Mount Kilauea volcano tour! Yes we kusted it before, but we are biased. Mount Kilauea is the world’s most active volcano, so a trip to this location will be thrilling. You will have the chance to explore the matchless Thurston Lava Tube—a natural tunnel that formed from lava flows—hot, active steam vents, and the breathtaking observation point outside of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. After your visit to this incredible site on land, you may wish to explore Mount Kilauea even further; several touring companies, including Discover Hawaii Tours, offer helicopter and boat tours that provide exclusive views of this natural wonder. Be sure that you do not miss the majestic sunrise over Mount Kilauea; you will not want to miss out on the vibrant colors.

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