Are You Ready For Your First Hawaiian Vacation?

The excitement that builds as the days draw near to your first Hawaiian vacation is unlike any other. You begin picturing yourself soaking up sun on the beach, feasting at a luau, and discovering the hidden treasures of paradise! Here are some helpful tips to make your first Hawaiian vacation more enjoyable and memorable!

What to bring on your first Hawaiian vacation

Aside from the things you would normally pack on a Hawaiian vacation, here are some things you should bring with you that will make your trip even better and more memorable.

Hawaii is seasonal

Now when I say seasonal I don’t mean hot in the summer and cold in winter… There are so many fun things to do here, that all these amazing things to do need to take turns! For example, if you want to watch the giant waves and surfers that made Oahu’s North Shore famous, you need to come in wintertime! If you want to go whale watching, you need to come in late winter or early spring! For the best deals on airfare, come in April or May. This infographic and blog post will surely help you choose the right time to come to Hawaii for the things you want to do. Be sure to do your research on what to do in Hawaii before you come so you’re not surprised and disappointed if it’s the wrong time of year!

Start planning in advance

Many times during popular traveling seasons inter-island flights fill up, tours sell out, and you don’t want to miss out on the chance to do something you’ve been dreaming about because you didn’t plan ahead! Be sure to do your research and book in advance. The best way to start planning is to make a “to do” list for your vacation, here’s some tips on how to get started on it.

Get ready to discover the “Aloha Spirit”

Hawaii is known for a place of friendly embrace and compassion which is known as the “Aloha Spirit.” It’s the feeling you get when you’re here that makes Hawaii so special. It’s the smile from a stranger, the curiosity of a native bird, and the smell of a passing tropical sprinkle. It is the essence of Hawaii! Still not sure what the “Aloha Spirit” is? This post will help! For a fun way to check out tips from our Hawaii Vacations Travel Blog, check out our Pinterest board! Aloooooha!

Are you ready for your first Hawaiian Vacation?!

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