Apple’s iPad: How to pack less and travel freely on a Hawaiian vacation

Crowds of residents and tourists fill the Waikiki Apple Store every day to check out the company’s hottest gadget, the iPad. But with all the gizmos and techie tools available today—including the Apple iPhone, which easily replaces a personal camera, internet and music player in one—why would you need an iPad, especially on your vacation to Hawaii?
The answer: the iPad packs a punch as a convenient space-saver. Catching up on travel books about Hawaii tours before you land on Oahu? That’s a lot of paperbacks to bring! Need to entertain the family at night with fun board games? Make room in your suitcase for Scrabble! What about checking email on the hotel WiFi? You’d have to pull out the old laptop for that one (or maybe use the small keyboard on your smartphone). But a vacation should be laid-back, Hawaiian-style. And the iPad features all the books, games, emails, online activity and tour bookings you need in Hawaii—in the same amount of space as a travel magazine. Alaska Airlines took note earlier this week when their pilots started using iPads to replace the 25 pounds worth of airline flight manuals each pilot is required to carry around. No doubt other airline and tour companies will soon follow suit. On your next Hawaii vacation, consider using a touch screen tablet to consolidate all your travel needs. Businesspeople, families, musicians, avid readers and everyone else will benefit from the space-saving convenience. Finding the right tour in paradise is just as easy when you choose Discover Hawaii Tours for your Hawaii activities and excursions!

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