APEC This Weekend: What to Expect?

What to Expect for the Upcoming Weekend

As political heads and dignitaries from the 21 nation APEC organization arrived in Honolulu throughout the day on Thursday there was a heavy military and law enforcement presence, traffic is expected to be at its worst during the weekend due to the restrictions being placed on the Waikiki Area in order to ensure the safety of the important representatives from all over the APEC nations. Tonight, November 10, the APEC Hawaii Host Committee will host 3,000 guests for the opening ceremony of the APEC CEO Summit at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. We have edited a list taken from the CivilBeat.Com which details the remaining events of the APEC conferences

Remaining APEC events

More than 1,500 attendees are expected for the two-day CEO summit, featuring more than 100 high-profile participants including 11 government leaders, 62 private sector Chairmen and CEOs and many other influential leaders from the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Saturday November 12, APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting, Ko Olina 8 a.m.—11 p.m. — APEC CEO Summit
  • Sunday November 13, 6 a.m.—1:30 p.m. — APEC CEO Summit Golf Tournament

Other APEC related Events

The full list of events is available here, and includes different kinds of events that are open for the public to attend. An International Cultural Reception will be held at the Honolulu Academy of the Arts, featuring a Chinese culture-themed reception.

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