APEC 2011 Chooses 30+ Hawaii Business Leaders, 6 from Maui

Hawaii leads the country in agriculture, environmental science, travel industry, and renewable energy—and the upcoming APEC 2011 Convention knows who showcases these best. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and its Hawaii Host Committee aim to strengthen the local economy by increasing exposure for some of Hawaii’s key leaders in these fields.

Six Maui Businesses Chosen for Innovative Showcase

Six of Maui’s most influential businesses, chosen for the APEC 2011 Hawaii Business Innovation Showcase, will present their cutting-edge products and services at APEC in November. The Showcase includes 35 featured businesses in total. The selected Maui participants are:
  • Functional Nutriments, LLC — Cancer therapeutics using plant-based phytochemicals.
  • Grower’s Secret, Inc. — Increased food safety through organic agricultural supplements.
  • HNU-Energy — Custom-engineered renewable energy technology through research and development.
  • Noni Biotech, International. — Increasing knowledge and exposure of Hawaiian Noni to the world.
  • Pacific Biodiesel, Inc. — Preserve taro cultivation with biodiesel by-products.
  • Westec Environmental Solutions. — Regulate air pollution and greenhouse gas control with green innovation.

How are APEC Showcase businesses selected?

Businesses are selected based on five criteria:
  1. Attractive to markets outside of Hawaii, especially APEC Economies
  2. Leader in cutting-edge innovations in their field
  3. Positive impact Hawaii’s business environment and jobs
  4. Potential for trade growth and investment opportunity
  5. Committed to environmentally conscious practices.
The upcoming APEC 2011 is one of Hawaii’s most talked-about events of the year. Most importantly, the APEC Showcase aims to encourage business innovation and reinforce Hawaii as a significant driver of economic opportunities, as well as engage Hawaii’s business community in APEC 2011.

International Visitors to arrive in Hawaii

Visitors from around the world will fly to Hawaii to attend the APEC 2011 Convention. International community members and businesses will arrive from Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Korea, Malayasia, Singapore, Peru, Vietnam and many more! With APEC 2011, Hawaii’s role as a leader in local and international economies will prove itself by showcasing its most talented businesses and innovators. To learn more, visit http://www.apec2011hawaii.com.

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