An Unforgettable Night in Paradise

Firedancer in front of the Honolulu skyline. 

Imagine what it might be like to find yourself where Elvis Presley once stood, sipping a Mai Tai and watching the sunset from a secret hilltop estate in Hawaii.

Come to think of it, are you free tonight? This 1920’s boutique estate hosts gorgeous views of Oahu’s South shore, Honolulu skyline, and Diamond Head Crater. Best of all, it’s now home to Waikiki’s newest luau.

The Story of the Nutridge Estate

The year was 1922. Earnest Van Tassel of Massachusetts fell in love with a 22-acre slice of paradise in the hills of South Oahu. He obtained a lease for the property from the state of Hawaii, provided that he agree to some interesting terms. He would be required to plant at least 100 new forest trees per year. So Van Tassel found “a forest tree with little round nuts on it from Australia”. Having purchased a few orchards worth of the trees, he founded Hawaii’s first Macadamia nut plantation.

In it’s peak years, Van Tassel’s Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Co. produced well over 8,000 tons of nuts each year. Eventually, Van Tassel found the land too rocky and decided to relocate the farm to the Big Island. Van Tassel left behind a small but elegant farm home. It would later serve as a secret retreat to a star-studded guest list, including Elvis, Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra, and Shirley Temple among others.

Eventually the estate’s golden age would come to pass. Left unattended for many years, weather took a devastating toll on the home. Rainforest overgrew the property, trees crept up through the floorboards, and the roof was caving in.

Recovering the Estate

Had it remained unprotected much longer, the estate might have been lost forever. Finally, in 1981 it was given a much-needed restoration. Rick Ralston, founder of Crazy Shirts and Rix Island Wear, obtained a lease just in time and began work. Ralston restored the 1920’s home to its original elegant and rustic charm. Today, Discover Hawaii Tours is honored to be the caretakers of the estate, and to share its beauty with guests of The Big Kahuna Luau.

The Big Kahuna Luau

There’s something for everyone at The Big Kahuna Luau. For a romantic date night, a family night, or anything in between, this luau is paradise found.

Moonlit garden pathways, cold beer and cocktails, and a canopy of stars overhead… that’s a date night made in heaven. Wait, where are the kids? They’re keeping busy with ukulele lessons, lei making, and a healthy dose of Ancient Hawaiian coconut wisdom.

The Big Kahuna is not your ordinary luau, and the food is no exception. The chef-prepared buffet is made using fresh, local ingredients. This menu aims to please every member of the family, without falling short on Pacific Island flavor. As for the entertainment, this show is nothing short of extraordinary. Did we mention world-class, edge-of-your-seat fire dancing?

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