Amelia Earhart in Hawaii Photo Exhibit

Visitors to the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor are in for a treat starting June 24th. This Sunday, in conjunction with Amelia Earhart’s 114th birthday, the museum is celebrating the grand opening of the Amelia Earhart in Hawaii Photo Exhibit. The incredible photos, courtesy of the Matson Navigation Company, document the famous aviation pioneer’s time in Hawaii.
These rarely seen photos were originally exhibited in 2010 at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. During Amelia Earhart’s two trips to Hawaii she stayed at the iconic “Pink Palace of the Pacific.” The exhibit of 65 photos shows a rarely glimpsed side of the famed aviator, sans bomber jacket, relaxing at the famous Waikiki hotel. There are a couple of photos of Earhart and Duke Kahanamoku, legendary surfer and Olympic gold medalist in swimming. During Earhart’s first trip to Hawaii in 1934, she became the first person (man or women) to even attempt a flight from Hawaii to California. Of course, Earhart completed that trip on January 12, 1935 in her Lockheed Vega airplane. This fascinating collection of black-and-white photos will be of particular interest to aviation buffs on tour in Hawaii. Discover Hawaii Tours offers tours daily to Pearl Harbor that visit the Pacific Aviation Museum.

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