Happy Aloha Friday!

What is Aloha Friday?

Aloha Friday is the same thing as casual Friday on the mainland. Actually the mainland tradition was started as a result of the Hawaiian version. Today, Aloha Friday, we are celebrating by explaining a brief history of where the tradition came from and how it was made popular, in Hawaii and the Mainland.

How did Aloha Friday get its start?

In 1946 the City and County of Honolulu allowed their employees to wear sports shirts from June through October, the hottest summer months. Later in 1962 the Hawaii Fashion Guild began to promote wearing aloha attire in the workplace, in particular, as business attire. By 1966 Aloha Fridays was in full effect and people would wear their comfortable aloha gear on the last business day of the week, and by 1970 aloha wear had been accepted as business attire any day of the week.

Hawaiian Fashion Industry and Aloha Friday

The Hawaiian fashion industry was a major player in the creation of Aloha Fridays. During the Aloha week festivals the Hawaii Fashion Guild members realized that Hawaiian industry, as well as residents, would benefit more from wearing Hawaiian made clothing, so they pushed for companies to allow employees to start the weekend on Friday and wear their aloha gear to work.

From Hawaii to the Mainland

As aloha Friday became more and more popular on the islands of Hawaii businessmen from the mainland started to take notice. Eventually the tradition was carried over to the mainland and adopted as “casual Fridays”. Now people worldwide partake in casual Fridays to get the weekend started a little early.

“It’s Aloha Friday, No work til Monday”

The song was made popular by the local singer Kimo Kahoano, and the song can be heard throughout the islands every Friday as people prepare for their last day of work as well as the upcoming weekend, so let’s get the weekend started!

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