Alien Species Can Threaten Delicate Ecosystems

As the world becomes more connected through technology and commerce problems are created. One problem that has been created by humans could be threatening America’s largest wet-land area; ex-pets have found their way into the Florida Everglades, and it just so happens that they dominate the ecosystem. Hawaii is another place where the delicate balance found in nature can be severely disturbed by human activity, and some of its by-products. Recent reports of animals being found that aren’t supposed to be here are worrisome, but with education and responsibility we can stick together to protect the delicate ecosystems that we live in. In Florida the problem has already gotten out of control and according to a report from ABC News “Snake hunters of South Florida are dealing with an invasion of an animal native to Asia that according to a just released study is increasingly threatening the wildlife of one of America’s largest and most precious eco-systems, the Florida Everglades.” The problem in Florida is a big deal, and could have been avoided because the snakes are not found anywhere near the area naturally. The ABC News article states that the snakes “were purposely brought here for commerce and now they are living well in the wild. We have seen even alligators successfully consumed by them,” Everglades National Park wildlife biologist Skip Snow said. “There is a shift in what has been seen, and the great concern with biologists like myself is we have little understanding of how significant all of this is.” This really hits home for the Hawaiian Islands because of their isolation. The isolation of the Hawaiian Islands has created some very rare species that exist in such a small area. Many of these species – both plant and animal – are only found in the Hawaiian Islands. The problem created by having so many endemic species is that one small event, such as a snake being introduced, could have disastrous effects, and the bigger problem is that scientists have no way of knowing how disastrous the effects could be.

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