Adventures on the Oahu Eco Tour with Guide Bruce

Discover Hawaii Tours guides are always looking for an adventure. If you’re on our Oahu Eco Tour, you’ll find yourself hiking beneath the gorgeous Koolau Mountains, kayaking along Windward Oahu, and ziplining near Kaneohe–all with the help of a friendly, knowledgeable guide. Bruce is no exception, he knows just how to make your tour memorable on your next Hawaiian eco adventure.

Bruce is an expert in Hawaii’s natural landscapes.

Not only did he grow up exploring Hawaiian rainforests on Oahu, he’s been an instructor in sciences. Now that he’s with Discover Hawaii Tours, Bruce continues to use his knowledge to engage guests with interesting Hawaiian facts and history.
Another thing about the forests of Hawaii is their abundance of fresh foods, herbs and flowers. On the waterfall hike, located in the same forest as the Nuuanu Pali Lookout, you’ll find avocados, mountain apples, kukui nuts, orchids, mamaki (a native Hawaiian plant), and more!

Searching for food in Hawaii’s rainforests

It really helps to be with an expert who knows where to find these edible treats!  In fact, at the beginning of the tour, someone asked Bruce about his walking stick, which looked strikingly different than the sturdy wooden ones each guest had.
“Just wait and see, you’ll find out soon!” he told everyone.
Turns out this special walking stick doubled as an avocado-picking device. As we descended down the mountain after visiting the hidden waterfall, Bruce stopped and pulled out a net, which attached to the end of his walking stick, which then extended into a long, slender pole. Bruce started picking fresh avocados for us!

Thanks Bruce for the avocado, as well as the fascinating tour of Hawaii’s natural landscapes!

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