Activity At Mount Kilauea Heats Up Hawaii Volcano Tours

One of the most exciting things to do on a visit to the Big Island is taking Hawaii volcano tours. Recent updates from the Hawaii Volcano Observatory show lava and seismic activity on the rise this week, so now is the time to go! Here’s a look at the incredible things you can experience while on Hawaii volcano tours!

Hawaii volcano tours

Hawaii volcano tours offer the rare chance to get an up close experience with the world’s most active volcano, Mount Kilauea. Views of the lava lake with sulfur gas billowing into the sky can be seen from the Halema’uma’u Crater Overlook. Updates show increased activity at this part of the volcano, which is expected to receive lava with a higher viscosity from the magma chambers beneath the island. The lava lake is only about 100 feet below from the crater floor, and the glow is getting brighter as the lake nears the surface. Experts say it’s impossible to predict volcanoes, but new lava paths could be made. Hawaii volcano tours will not only show you the volcano, they will also have you learning about the processes behind them. Unites States Geological Survey Rangers of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park explain what makes Hawaii’s volcanoes so unique and amazing on a visit to the Jaggar Museum.

Other natural wonders of Hawaii volcano tours

Awe-inspiring volcanoes aren’t the only thing to see while on Hawaii volcano tours. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is also home to natural wonders like the Thurston Lava Tube and volcanic steam vents. Walk through the eerie tunnel where an underground lava river flowed out to the sea. Feel the warm vapor of the steam vents as they plume out of fissures in the ground.
A trip out into the lava fields will have you experiencing the strange formations of hardened lava. Ripples, spirals, crags, craters, and more are waiting for you to explore! Check out all the fun things to do on Hawaii’s Big Island! Alooooha!

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