Ideas for What to do on Your Maui Vacation!

You won’t regret booking a Maui vacation. Whether you’re traveling as a family, a couple or just with some friends, Maui has plenty to keep you busy. Below is a list of various activities in Maui that will have you saying mahalo (Hawaiian for “thank you”) to whoever recommended this destination.

Maui island tours are popular for all types of travelers. There is a wide variety of tours you can take. You can drive up Hana Highway in a coach bus and see all the beautiful waterfalls and wildlife on the Road to Hana. Or you can wake up early in the morning to catch the sunrise over Haleakala. A bus will pick you up at your hotel sometime around 3 a.m .and drive you to the top of Haleakala, 10,000 feet above sea level. Once you’ve watched the sunrise and snapped a few photos, you can either take the bus back down or hop on a bike and bike down the mountain. Either way will get you back to your resort by mid-morning or early afternoon. Take a nap on the beach before enjoying your next adventure.

Maui also has some amazing resorts and beaches. If relaxing in the sun is your idea of vacation, you’re in the right place. The scenery is gorgeous and the temperatures are balmy with refreshing island breezes. If you’re a busy body and can only sit in one place for so long, sign up for a surf lesson while you’re on the beach. An instructor will teach you some moves and you can rent the board and wetsuit right there. Practice, play around and work up an appetite for some authentic Hawaiian food.

Eating out in Maui is an experience all on its own. You can find a hole-in-the wall that will be a little cheaper than other island eats or you can go high class with a 4-star restaurant. Either way you’re sure to find the freshest seafood and fruit you’ve ever tasted.

Finally, take in some Polynesian culture with a luau. You’ll see the native dances, hear some history throughout the night and dine on an authentic pig roast. You’ll also indulge in some delicious cocktails, all served by native Hawaiians in authentic garb.

There are so many things to do on a Maui vacation it may be hard to choose. The best way to experience the island is by doing what suits you best, whether it’s tours, surfing, sun bathing or dining. Enjoy! Call 808-670-3743 to book a trip you’ll never forget.

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